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At the Dental Associates of Rhode Island, we pride ourselves in creating a relaxing, calming atmosphere at all times, from the very moment you walk into our waiting room. ⁣We chose our waiting room color scheme to incorporate blues, greens, and purples because they are proven to be the most relaxing colors, having a soothing effect on both the mind and the body. To simulate a natural environment, we decorated our waiting room with flowers and a large forest picture, and we made sure to have wide windows
with ample natural light.⁣ Our additional art decorations and paintings are all purchased from local artists in Rhode Island, reflecting our mission to not just be healthcare providers but also to give back to our local community. We bring this energy as sponsors of Little Rhody Rescue, and we are always seeking to engage in more ways to support our community just as much as they support us.⁣

Our Operatories

At the Dental Associates of Rhode Island, we understand the importance of natural light.  Exposure to natural light helps your body produce Vitamin D, improves your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, allows you to focus, and even makes you happier. We have designed our operatories and hallways to ensure that you have enough of this vital resource. After all, beyond focusing on just the mouth, we make it our mission to improve your overall physical and psychological well-being.⁣

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